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Güven Inc. established TRG International Health Tourism Agency in 2019 by bringing all its brands from the supply of bitumen and asphalt emission services to waterproofing services, signaling, electricity, electromechanical sector, tourism sector and education field under the same roof. TRG welcomes domestic and foreign guests who have come to receive healthcare and provides a safe journey and comfortable accommodation experience.

TRG acts on the awareness that Turkey is one of the ideal countries for complementary medicine and medical tourism as it aims to be the focus point of high-quality service with its contracted hospitals and experienced doctors.

Considering the fact that medical tourism has the chance to be implemented together with thermal tourism in many regions in our country, TRG has expanded its activities in order to conduct these two together and opened the way for the values of the country to host new opportunities.

For this purpose, TRG offers its guests an unforgettable experience with its unique nature scenery in Eliz Thermal Spa & Wellness Center Kizilcahamam and offers the opportunity for individuals to have a healthy life thanks to Eliz Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center with Accommodation.


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